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Installing Fires

Installing Fires

Installing your new fire

Many of our customers want to know more about what is involved in installing a new gas fire. So to help with a clearer understanding we have taken pictures through a complete installation, and followed the progress of the job from start to finish. Below, we are taking out an old wood burning stove and installing the latest Gazco Riva Nemo's stove. For closer views, just click on the images below.


The old wood burning stove.

1. The old flue system needs to be taken away too.

2. Once the old stove is out along with the flue, the new stove can be brought in and centralised onto the slate base.  This particular appliance is a three man lift.

3. Externally a 6" core hole is drilled to take the balanced flued assembly.  We try to drill from the outside through to the inside to minimalise the amount of dust from the drill.

4. The balanced flued termination assembly is slipped through the wall ready for lining up with the main flue off the top of the stove.

5. The old slate hearth is cleaned with Slate Dressing to bring it back to life before the new stove is lowered into place.

6. The new stove is lifted onto the newly dressed slate slab and the balanced flued assembly inserted, making the final flue connection.

7. The external view of the balanced flue terminal protruding from the wall.

8. The programmable Remote Control is fitted and an Engineer makes the final internal gas connection.

9. The fuel bed is installed and the protective packaging removed ready for final commissioning.

10. The final gas connection is made at the meter and the gas supply tested for Gas Tightness.

11. The gas stove is lit and the working pressure tested along with the operation of the flue.

The finished job

Our Showroom

double fs 1Then, of course, we have our showroom in Pembroke Dock which features the best in Gas Fires, Electric Fires, Oil Fires, Woodburning Stoves, Mantels and Fireplaces.

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