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Service Contracts

Service Contracts

Maintenance Contracts from Gas Technical Services

Because nobody knows when a boiler or heating system is going to break down, it is always the best policy to ensure all gas appliances are properly serviced every 12 months.  Sometimes it is a condition of your home insurance policy that you do have gas appliances regularly serviced, therefore you should always check the small print in your insurance home contents documents. 

Either way, failure to have gas appliances serviced every 12 months by a properly qualified CORGI registered gas installer can result in you placing yourself or your family at risk through a gas escape or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Lack of regular maintenance also causes gas appliances and heating systems to fail more regularly, often resulting in higher repair costs than if they had been correctly maintained annually.

Appliance Servicing

Many customers want some form of regular maintenance contract which will give them some form of protection and peace of mind against a breakdown and some way of guaranteeing instant assistance in the event of such an emergency.

Gas Technical Services recognise this requirement and have been offering a regular maintenance scheme for over 10 years........and with well over 1000 contract customers, we know we have a winning formula.  Contracts can be paid either in advance or by standing order paying 12 equal monthly payments (INTEREST-FREE) and cover Natural Gas, LPG and Oil heating systems as well as additional appliances such as cookers, fires, water heaters, tumble driers etc.  We currently offer the contract for domestic customers only - GOLDFLAME.  For commercial contracts, click on the link below.

Goldflame Contract

This covers the whole house heating system for one annual service visit, unlimited breakdown calls, FREE labour, but parts are chargeable.  Additional appliances can also be covered.  For full details and Terms and Conditions, click on the link below.  Landlords Safety Certificates are automatically issued within the terms of this contract.

Advice to Landlords

If you receive payment or rent from someone who is staying or living in a house, static caravan or holiday chalet, which is owned by you, whether the person making payment is on holiday or a permanent tenant and regardless of the type of gas supply (Natural Gas or LPG).  You are legally required to have a certificate of safety for ALL gas appliances and gas pipe work fitted in the rented or holiday accommodation. Your appliance's need servicing and a new certificate of gas safety issuing every 12 months. and the person renting the property must be given a copy of that certificate within 28 days of them moving in. 

Rules are in force to protect holidaymakers and tenants from unsafe gas appliances through lack of proper maintenance.

You as a landlord could be prosecuted, fined and face imprisonment should anything be faulty with a gas appliance fitted in one of your properties.

our Systems

At Gas Technical Services, we can offer 3 types of heating system.  They are:

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The Solar System:

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