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Meet our Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Gas Safe Register has replaced CORGI in Great Britain and the Isle of Man. The register exists to protect you, your family, and your property from dangerous gas work.

By law, anyone carrying out work on gas installations and appliances in your home must be on the Gas Safe Register. Be gas safe – always use a Gas Safe registered engineer. Always ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card.

Never DIY with gas

Last year, 14 people died from CO poisoning related to gas and, 234 people suffered serious health problems. Be gas safe in your home and never DIY with gas, even if you think it might save you money.

If someone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer does the gas work in your home, you could be risking the safety of your family and your property.

If gas appliances are incorrectly fitted, badly repaired, or poorly maintained, they can produce carbon monoxide which can kill.

Make sure that you always use a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out gas work and service appliances in your home.

Check the engineers I.D card.

Always ask the Engineer at your door if you can see his Gas Safe Identification Card which looks like the one below.

Make sure the Company Name is the same as the one you are employing and make sure that the card date is valid. Always turn the card over to check the details on the back of the card.

From the back of the card, you can see the categories of work that the engineer is qualified to do. There are two columns headed Gas and LPG. If he is at your property to work on your gas fire and you have gas bottles of a gas tank in the garden, look down the left-hand column to Fires and then look across to the column headed LPG to see if a date appears and that the date has not expired. If it is all correct, you are safe to let him continue.

Don't forget........You can be liable to a fine if you let someone work on your gas installation without them being qualified.

Never ask an engineer to do private work.

An engineer is only qualified and insured if he is engaged on work instructed by the Company employing him.

Renewable Energy


Gas Technical Services can provide expert advice on sourcing the correct renewable energy package for your home.  You can also walk around our showroom where we have working renewable energy products, enabling you to gain a better understanding of exactly how it will look in your home

Vaillant EcoTEC Plus

Thermal Store 2

A Vaillant EcoTEC Plus Condensing Boiler connected to a Gledhill Thermal Store

Live Solar Display


Live Solar Hot Water DisplayLive Solar Hot Water Display

Vaillant VTK570/2 Vacuum tube collectors

 Solar Panels1

 4 Vaillant VTK570/2 Vacuum tube collectors being installed in Narberth

 Solar Panels 2


Reliability of Solar Water Heating

Reliability of Solar Water Heating Systems for Households.

An independent survey of domestic hot water solar systems installed in the UK between 1970 and 1994 was undertaken on behalf of the DTI.

A sample of 700 systems was analysed. The sample was designed to be representative in terms of major/minor manufacturers and installers and also type of collectors (flat plate and evacuated tubes).

The main conclusions were:

Solar systems can work reliably for 20 years or more.
There is little, if any, difference between current system performance and that when the system was new.
System performance has improved significantly over the years.
Half the systems have needed no new components and only 1% are considered unreliable. More modern systems have less problems. 68% of systems installed since 1986 have not needed new components.

Ongoing product development and product refinement means that there is now a wide selection of high quality and highly reliable solar water heating system products and components available in the UK market.