What is the Unico System?

DSC00828The Unico System is a small duct central heating, air conditioning and ventilation system manufactured by Unico System International Limited (USIL), headquartered in Wales. The product has been on the market in the United States and Canada for the past 20 years, and over 250,000 of these systems have been installed there. The system has been profiled in numerous North American magazines and media outlets, most prominently on the television programme This Old House.

Is Unico a top notch heating/cooling system?

The Unico System is a perfect option for heating, cooling, ventilation or all three combined. The system heats in conjunction with a boiler; can both heat and cool in heat pump mode; and can be used for direct expansion cooling. Additionally, the system is a perfect compliment to underfloor heating systems and for geothermal applications. Many users have the system installed for hot water heating only and then simply add air conditioning at a later time. As a benefit to the plumbing market, the system can also cool using chilled water.

How is the Unico system used in the UK?

The Unico system can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The range of applications used in the United Kingdom so far include executive or larger self-build homes; historic refurbishments including a number of listed properties; cinemas; professional training facilities; factories; numerous offices; and kitchens.

Some local examples of installations in Pembrokeshire

Gas Technical Services have installed 17 of these systems in Pembrokeshire to date. From stunning barn conversions to bungalows, offices, houses and village halls, we have pretty well covered every type of application.

Lamphey Village Hall

Unicosystem in roof voidWhen the new village hall was being built we were originally approached and asked to install a conventional heating system with radiators and pipework. The old village hall which had served the community well had been fitted with a similar system which had many disadvantages that had become apparent over the years. The village hall being the centre of the community has many uses, and one of the problems with using radiators was that the playgroup meets there. It would not be acceptable for a young child to burn itself on a hot radiator, and so low surface temperature radiator would have needed to be used. This would have sharply increased the cost of installation. In addition, the local Scout Group uses the hall, therefore there was a risk of someone falling against a radiator during vigorous activities.

The picture shows the Unicosystem Air Handler Module fitted in the roof space.

Inside the new village hall

Gas Technical Services advised that the best solution would be a Unicosystem hidden away in the ceiling void, ducting warm air through small outlets in the ceiling into each room. 18 outlets were used to heat the main hall and these can just about be seen in the picture above. They are located in the ceiling running along the wall line just above the blue display board. The benefits of the Unicosystem soon became very clear to the village hall committee. There were no radiators to take up valueable wall space. No risk of damage or injury. No pipework or valves to start leaking. But most of all a very fast heat up time and the added advantage of fresh air ventilation during warm summer months.